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Precisely Rebuilt Detroit Diesel Engines

Few engine manufacturers have the history of Detroit Diesel. Their engines have been powering the world for almost a century. From the rugged 53 Series to the workhorse 149, Diesel Specialists builds them all for every application. For over 35 years, we have serviced the commercial marine market thoughout the United States. It has been this experience in the toughest of markets that has driven our reputation though the pleasure craft, industrial and trucking sectors around the world.

Detroit Series 60 Longblock Program

We are innovators in the Series 60 market as well. Our Series 60 Long Block Program ensures that you do not miss a beat when it comes time for an overhaul. Simply swap over your electronics and accessories from your current engine, and you have a completely remanufactured engine, one-year warranty and most importantly, peace of mind.

Superior Remanufacturing Standards

We follow the strictest of remanufacturing procedures including a thorough load testing on our own 2500BHP dynamometer. We also work closely with customers who have unique engine package requirements. Such projects include power generation, pump units, power drives, and compressor packages. In all cases, Diesel Specialists, LLC. provides the highest quality engine built to your specifications, on time, every time.

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