Detroit Diesel Engines

Detroit Diesel Parts and Engines

The standard-bearer for reliability, Detroit Diesel has been powering industries around the world for almost a century. The famous 2-Stroke is in more boats, pumps, generators, trucks and equipment than any other engine in the world. The Series 60 was the first truly successful electronic engine and remained the best selling engine in its class for the past twelve years.

A Great Selection of Detroit Diesel Parts

We carry thousands of new engine parts for the 53, 71, 92 and 149 series of 2-stroke Detroit Diesel Engines. We are one of the few companies to offer an incredible selection of replacement parts for the reliable Series 60 engine line.

Quality Remanufactured Detroit Diesel Engines

Our DSL Powerline remanufactured products line is renowned worldwide for its quality and affordability. In addition, our remanufactured engines are in thousands of applications around the world, all because we build a quality product with the best customer service available today.

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